Featured Artist - Marj Kettlewell

Marj is a unique, multi-talented artisan.                 


An eclectic entrepreneur, she has owned businesses, built houses, and been a fisher.  Marj has always called Vancouver Island home although she has lived and worked around the world. 

 Her artistic abilities span painting, carving, sculpturing and drawing.   The detail in her watercolours is truly amazing.  Her birds and animals are so incredibly lifelike. Marj is also a master carver – trained by a Haida carver, her pieces are exquisitely crafted. 

Marj’s work has been on display and sold all over the world.  She has won a number of art competitions including Advanced Level First Place at the 2018 Pacific Brant Carving and Art Show for her artwork ‘Gray Wolf’.  Her two entries into the 2019 competition include her ‘Spotted Owl’ and ‘Bobcat’.

Pet portraits by Marj are truly a treasure.  Give her a photo and she will create a lifelong keepsake of your special companion. 


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